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Lonton and Gray was formed in February 1997, combining years of experience of Dick Lonton and Ian Gray.  This resulted in over 50 years of experience, working for Holts, Cranfield sails, Hyde, Gowens and Gail Heard.  This vast combined knowledge and extensive practical sailing experience gained over the years makes Lonton and Gray arguably one of the most experienced and respected sailmakers on the East Coast of England.

Laser cutter at our loftIn order to make the best sails possible we have invested in the very latest technology in the way of sail design and manufacturing.  All sails are computer designed and cut using a computer controlled laser, giving a panel cutting tolerance of 1/10th of a mm.  By using these we have not compromised on quality though, all of the sails are hand finished to achieve the best quality possible.  All design, development and manufacturing is done in our loft in Burnham, that way we can keep a very close eye on quality.

However, we still are able to offer a personalised service and are not an automated production line!  If you want changes made to your specific sail, or you would like a completely newly designed sail, we are more than happy to help.  Please free to contact us to discuss your specific requirements, and take advantage of our knowledge in the way of recommending you on the best design for yourself.  We can then work with you, constantly developing the design of the sail to meet your individual requirements, continuing this service throughout your time sailing to fine tune the sails to exactly fit your needs.

From our base in Burnham we are able to provide the yachtsman with a complete sail design and manufacturing service for all types of boats, whether it be a topper or a round the world yacht.  We offer the personal service of custom made sails, coupled with the quality and reproducibility of modern technology.  We are a company committed to high quality, tailor made products to meet customer needs.

Our combined experience and skill has resulted in a winning formula for many helms in numerous classes and numbers continue to grow!

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