Dinghy Sails

A good understanding of what's required
Like most sailmakers, we ourselves have spent a large proportion of our sailing lives in dinghies.  We also have a vast racing experience, and from this we are in a very strong position to be Dinghy sails by Lonton and Grayable to meet your racing needs- we are able to produce a race winning suit of sails for any dinghy.  Whether you need club, circuit or high performace sails we are here to help you. We will advise you on the best available materials to meet your particular type of racing together with advice on the best shapes to use to suit your rig type and setup.

A Hi-Tech Approach
Each sail is individually tailored to your boat, computer designed, laser cut and hand finished. Seams are sewn with two rows of three step stitching for polyester sails and heat glued for laminated materials. If required, sail numbers and insignia can be supplied at an extra cost, battens and sail bags are all included in the price as standard. We can arrange for one design sails to be officially measured and signed with the correct class labels at an extra charge.

We're all over the place!As well as supplying sails to the end consumer we supply sails to companies such as Sunsail.  Therefore, when you take a sailing holiday with Sunsail you can expect the same quality and performace as you would expect from your Lonton and Gray sail back home.  Please see the news page for details of our recent successes in open meetings.

Below is just a selection of the dinghies that we offer sails for, please contact us to discuss your individual dinghy sail requirements.

Optimist sails by Lonton and Gray

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