Keelboat Sails

A Better Standard of Sail
With over 50 years experience of working at Cranfield Sails and lifDragon sails by Lonton and Graye long experience of racing and cruising we have the knowledge to sails for any type of keelboat. We provide a personal service for yachtsmen, yacht designers and builders who value quality and integrity in the equipment they buy. We aim not to mass produce but to offer customised options for yachtsmen seeking a better standard of sails for their yachts.  We pride ourselves in the quality of our sails, to ensure we can provide the best sails possible all our sails are manufactured in our loft in Burnham, UK.  We use the highest quality materials possible to ensure a long lasting sail that can cope with the harshest of conditions.

Hi-Tech Approach
Each sail is individually tailored to fit your boat, designed by computer. The individual panels are each laser cut, to ensure there is no chafing on seams or edges.  Once cut, the panels are assembled and finished by hand.

BOD Sails by Lonton and GrayThe complete package
We can design and supply a complete sail inventory for your boat, no matter what size.  We can supply mainsails, genoas, jibs and spinnakers.  If there’s something you would like that you don’t think we can produce, chances are we can!  Please contact us to discuss it further.  Please view the pages to the left for specific details on the sails we offer for keelboats.

Everything you'd expect and that little bit extra
We pay particular attention to the detail and finishing of our sails.  A long tail is left on the Squib sails by Lonton and Graybolt rope in case of shrinkage.  Cringles and pulleys are all finished by hand.  Should the worst come to the worst, we're able to quickly and efficiently repair your sails at our loft.  We can help you get the most out of your boat- ask us for specialist advice in setting up the rig and sails so you achieve the best!  Lonton and Gray design sails that are easy to set so that the crew can concentrate on the tactics.

Boom covers and dodgers
We can also design and supply canvas work for your keelboat.  These are cut exactly to your requirements and can be branded with your boat name etc.  Please see the services page for further details

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