Cover Making

Everything you expect from a covermaker and a little bit more
A boat is a very personal thing and the canvassing on your boat can add a tremendous amount of cCanvas work by Lonton and Grayonvenience and comfort.  Therefore, here at Lonton and Gray we realise that our customer will have their own ideas for how they’d like their boat to look.  Every piece of canvassing that we produce is unique to the customer.

Material choice
As with our sails, the selection of material for marine covers is very important.  We select materials from the best suppliers and use Acrylics with high UV stability.  We have a huge range of colours and shades available, amd we can normally source materials to match existing coverwork if required.

Selecting a good window material is very important as cheap materials often crack or go a yellow colour after only a couple of seasons.  With UV damage being an increasing factor these days we only use high quality materials for windows.

Types of Covers

Please feel free to approach us with your own canvas requirements as we welcome individual customer designs.  The majority of canvas work we do are boom covers and spray dodgers.

Custom Branding
If you have a boat name, number or specific design that you would like including on your canvassing please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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