Storm Sails

A well thought out design
Every boat that ventures out into open water should carry a suit of storm sails as part of its essential equipment.  

Storm sails by Lonton and Gray

The primary objectives of these sails are to provide a sufficient sail area to maintain handling capabilities without being overpowered.  To cope with these harsh conditions the sails are made to the a very high specification using a high quality cloth.  This enables you to concentrate on helming the boat, without worrying that your sails are going to tear.

There’s nothing worse than being stuck out at sea with a canvas area that’s too large to handle.  Struggling to change a Genoa in a force 8 gale at the bow of a yacht is the last thing that any crew member wants to do.  Fortunately we have developed a sail design to make this situation just that bit easier.

Computer Designed and Laser Cut
Each sail is individually tailored to your boat, computer designed, laser cut and hand finished. This gives a high quality, highly repeatable sail. 

• High quality material
• Sail cloth designed to withstand shock loading
• Heavy duty Molybdenum stainless steel cringles
• Double width tabling and extra stitching for increased strength
• Ease of fitting

Our storm sails have been designed with reliability, quality, ease of fitting and ease of handling in mind


Storm sails by Lonton and GrayStorm sails by Lonton and Gray

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