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International Dragon


Bespoke Dragon Sail Making Service


Dragon Genoa

Supplied with window, sail bag, wire luff and hanks as required.

Constructed to a crosscut design using 216 SQ HTP PLUS Dimension Polyant sailcloth.

Dragon Mainsails

LGDM1- A flat cut sail, designed for lighter crews in all conditions or heavier crews in strong winds.

LGDM2- A fuller cut sail, designed for heavier crews and rough water conditions. 

This sail has more power if you can control it!

Supplied with window, insignia, sail numbers, battens and sailbag.

Constructed to a cross cut design using 266 SQ HTP PLUS Dimension Polyant sailcloth.

Dragon Spinnakers

Available in up to three colour combinations



Our interpretation of the original Stephen Ratsey Sunray Dragon spinnaker which was very fast.


Our new computer designed tri-radial spinnaker.

Please note: that colours shown above are for illustration only and should not be treated as absolute.

Contact us for material samples if required.

All Dragon Spinnakers are constructed using 3/4 oz ripstop nylon & supplied with sail numbers & sailbag.

50% deposit required with all orders, alternatively a 10% discount is offered if full payment is made with order.


Please click for a downloadable specification sheet and order form.

Computer Designed and Laser Cut
Each sail is individually tailored to your boat, computer designed, laser cut and hand finished. Seams are sewn with two rows of three step stitching.  By hand finishing the sails we can achieve a high quality end product, with the laser cutting giving us repeatability with a panel cutting tolerance of less than 1/10th mm.  Battens, sail bags, and sail numbers are all included in the price as standard.

Everything you'd expect and that little bit extra
We pay particular attention to the detail and finishing of our sails.  Should the worst come to the worst, we're able to quickly and efficiently repair your sails at our loft.  We can help you get the most out of your boat- ask us for specialist advice in setting up the rig and sails so you achieve the best!

Lonton and Gray design sails that are easy to set so that the crew can concentrate on the tactics. 

Ian sails regularly in the Burnham Dragon fleet and is always on hand for that bit extra customer service.

Engineered to suit you and your Dragon
At Lonton and Gray, we realise that one sail doesn't 'fit all'.  Therefore if you would like a sail customising in anyway, please do contact us to discuss it further.  Please contact Ian to discuss your individual requirements before placing an order.

Included with the Dragon Sails

Battens, sail bags, sail numbers and insignia are all included in the price.

Treat yourself to some extras for your Dragon

Genoa Sleeve

Genoa sleeve, designed to be hoisted up the forestay to cover up a furled genoa. 

The cover wraps all the way round and prevents damage to your genoa from harmful UV

rays whilst also keeping it clean.

Boom Cover

Allowing the mainsail to be left on the boom but protected from harmful UV rays

Cockpit Cover

Complete cockpit cover with stainless steel eyelets and lacing rope. 

Keeps the inside of your boat clean - bird poo free :-)

Nose Cone

Padded nose cone to stop the mooring lines chaffing the bow

Pontoon Fenders

Padded fenders that attached along the side of the Dragon to stop chaffing and scratching when the boat is moored on a pontoon or in a marina.

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